Aalborg +10 (2004)

In 1994 European municipality leaders and organisations assembled in Aalborg, Denmark, to discuss taking the Agenda 21 initiative to the European local level. The consequence of this was the launch of the European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign, and the adoption of the Aalborg Charter.

Ten years later in 2004 at the 4th European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign, European leaders again congregated at the Aalborg.  The purpose was to develop a common understanding of sustainability, and as a consequence to develop a framework to be used at local level. The outcome was the Aalborg Commitments which encompass 10 shared sustainability pledges.

The Commitments can be described as a local governmental sustainability toolbox. They are designed to be holistic and to assist decision-makers coordinating policy for the interests of the economy, environment and society at the same time.

Along with the Aalborg Charter, the Commitments have formed a basis to the Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign. They are currently signed by about 700 local authorities and the number is steadily increasing.

The Sustainable Cities Movement encourages municipalities to navigate to the Commitments section from which it is possible to learn more about the Aalborg Process.

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