Dunkerque (2010)

The 6th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns explored how sustainable development can help local governments to face the current economic, social and climate challenges and how it can be further implemented in the current context of crisis. Key actors were convened to identify the changes needed to our political frameworks and explore how different sectors can cooperate to advance sustainable development in Europe.

More recognition for the role local and regional authorities in the creation of smart, sustainable economies was one key message delivered at the 6th Sustainable Cities and Towns Conference. 2010 should see the adoption of the Europe 2020 Strategy to turn the EU into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy to become more resource efficient and greener as well as to foster high levels of employment and to deliver economic, social and territorial cohesion;

It was emphasised that the goal of creating a low carbon, resource efficient and green economy in Europe can only be reached if local and regional governments are a fully integrated partner in a broad bottom-up Europe 2020 Strategy with increased access to funding. After three days of debate, analysis, discussions and presentations the more than 1,800 participants at Dunkerque 2010, Europe’s largest local sustainability event, accepted two political declarations that aim to shape the role of local governments in years to come.

Download the Dunkerque 2010 Local Sustainability Declaration

Download the Dunkerque 2010 Call on Climate Action



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