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Showcase your Transformative Action by completing the fields below or downloading this form, filling it in and sending it once completed to Submission is open to cities and organizations that wish to demonstrate local transformative actions as indicated in The Basque Declaration. You will receive a confirmation email after submission and will be notified once your transformative action is online.

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Describe in not more than 100 words what the transformative action is about
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This section provides a brief background about the situation in the city. This may include specific characteristics of the city, the sustainability-related problems, the particular challenges the city was facing and the goal/changes to be achieved. It should refer to the particular problem that the transformative action described helped to address and relevant political frameworks such as strategies, policies and targets. (Remember to hyperlink any information to relevant websites where readers will be able to find extra information)
In action (300-400 words)*
This section describes the approach taken and the transformative action the city has implemented. Concrete facts and figures should be included. Quotes from city representatives or professionals involved in this transformative action should also be drawn on. It is relevant to explain the pathways/mechanisms used to implement the transformation and what stakeholders were involved.
Results (150-300 words)*
This section summarises the results achieved by the action. As far as possible, achievements should be quantified and the benefits obtained should be highlighted clearly. This section may also include quotes. Key achievements may be presented in bullet points.
Impact (200-300 words)*
Describe the (expected) local environmental and socio-economic impact of the Transformative Action. Explain what the (expected) local impact is, both from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective, and how the situation has changed. For example in terms of social inclusion, number of jobs, decarbonisation, etc. Please also indicate how you have measured or intend to measure the impact.
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Describe any challenges encountered and any lessons learned, so that other cities/organisations can replicate the transformative action.
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Here you can upload pictures that illustrate the transformative action. Some possible ideas to better show the transformation: upload a picture of how the situation was before and a picture how the situation is after implementing the transformative action, or upload several pictures of focusing on the changes produced; show how the transformative action has been implemented. Remember to upload high resolution pictures.

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