City/Region : Villacarrillo/ Jaen/ Town hall , Spain

It is being promoted and guaranteed equal access to municipal services, digital information and services to citizens of different ages and groups: childhood, youth adults and senior citizens, as well as making anemphasis on reducing the digital gender gap and age-related causes among the population. That we all have the same possibilities of access to information and communication technologies and to use the necessary tools to access electronic procedures with the nearest administration, the municipality.

Agendas addressed
Social inclusion and integration
Pathways followed
  • Ensure equal access to municipal services
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
  • Guarantee equal access to information & digital services
Centro de acceso a Internet pedania

Villacarrillo is a city located in the region of La Loma and Cuatro Villas in the northeastern part of the province of Jaen. Its enclave surrounded by an authentic "sea of olive trees" and flanked by the Mountain range of Las Villas, part of theNatural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas.

Observing the accessibility and literacy of the population, we find that half of the citizens access the Internet on a regular basis, a situation that leaves the other half out of the access to ICT.

From the City Council we have provided the population in general and certain disadvantaged groups with access to the use of the Internet and ICT tools to reduce the risk of digital exclusion. To this end, the measures focus on raising public awareness of the need for accessible services.

In Action
Centro de acceso a Internet Villacarrillo

Villacarrillo a nucleus of eminently rural population where there is not much industry, and there is work only occasionally during the harvesting of the olive, and in some periods in agricultural work, it is necessary to perform actions that will reduce the digital divide in the population.

Several centres have been set up with public access to the Internet within which there are dynamic people who plan a series of courses and workshops for different groups, young people, children, adults, elderly, associations and groups, entrepreneurs, unemployed persons, etc.

We work on the objective of equipping the population with the necessary digital skills, to offer them a better quality of life and services. Likewise, the measures aim to cover the objective of working on the elderly population (especially from 55 to 75 years), those of lower qualification and on those other "non-digital" age groups reticent to the use of the TIC for not knowing the advantages and the improvement in the quality of life that the use of these tools can offer them.

We have a centre in Villacarrillo, the main nucleus, but the city has population centres in villages like Mogon with approximately 1,000 inhabitants, Agrupacion de Mogon with 500 inhabitants approximately, and La Caleruela with another 500 inhabitants. Each district has made available to the public a centre of public access to the internet with a promoter who performs training actions for the users.

The City Council has a web page through which you can carry out online procedures with the local administration, such as requesting a certificate of registration, coexistence, tax domicile, book sports tracks online, be informed of all news on politics, culture, sports, parties, leisure, courses, workshops, etc. that are organized from different areas of the city council. Social networks are also available to bring this information to the citizen.

Increased access, use and quality of the online paperwork service, through the website of the Villacarrillo City Council. It seeks the increase access, use and quality of communications services of different types.


With the implementation of this project, all the public information is made available, it also gives fulfillment to a priority commitment of the government team to build an open, efficient, transparent and accessible city hall. A council that provides clear, accessible, updated, structured and reusable information that allows users to know and control the action of government. More and more people are being trained in new technologies and in online processes.

Development of actions to disseminate and promote the development of accessibility technologies and solutions aimed at improving the living conditions of people with disabilities and the elderly.

Encouraging the development of ICT applications accessible to all types of devices, which facilitate access to services and information useful to people with disabilities and those who are older.


Since the opening of the centres, there has been an increase in the number of elderly people, men but especially women who are interested in new technologies, attend courses and workshops on the use of ICTs, open accounts in social networks, perform procedures in the local administration, and other online procedures such as obtaining certificates from the SEPE office, ask for a medical appointment, appointment to enter or renew the ID, appointment to pass the ITV, etc.

From the city council it has been seen how the users carry out online procedures through the website., and sports tracks reservations are made avoiding displacements of the interested parties and time and resources to the local administration.

Challenges and lessons learned

In the cultural context in which we find ourselves, we see a great potential of the project since there are more and more citizens using new technologies, mobiles, computers, tablets, iPads, etc, coming to the centres every month more elderly people who demand to know the use of these new devices, and online administrative workshops, they want the information to flow through different media, websites, social networks, blogs, digital magazines, etc.




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