Valencia City Geoportal and City Dashboard “valencia al minut” (i.e. “valencia in a minute”).
City/Region : Valencia City Council , Spain

Valencia, in line with its Smart city strategy, has opened its Geographical Information System (GIS) to citizens through an online portal: Moreover, a new City Dashboard ( “Valencia to the minute”) displays key city information(e.g. mobility, air quality, social, city agenda & news) with real time data, integrating the geoportal information with a visual map component.

Agendas addressed
Urban mobilityPublic spaceLocal economies and employment
Pathways followed
  • Ensure equal access to municipal services
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
  • Nurture a sharing economy
  • Capitalise on local economy and production
  • Create and close local value chains
  • Pursue a shift towards a circular economy
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
  • Accelerate sustainability and innovation through public procurement
  • Guarantee equal access to information & digital services
  • Support open data standards
  • Prepare policies for socio-cultural changes due to innovation
Geoportal-Traffic intensity

Valencia, in the execution of its Smart City Strategy, is working hard to enhance sustainable mobility in the city, engaging the majority of the citizenship. Examples of this are the considerable expansion of the bike path network or the new pedestrian areas established, especially in the historical city centre, where actions taken to reduce motorised vehicle traffic have contributed to a more peaceful and lively city. In addition, the SmartCity strategy includes an Open Data strategy, so citizens (or anyone) can consult, reuse, and benefit from the public information the City Hall publishes based on its smart investments.

In Action
Geoportal-under construction spots

In the past, Valencia has managed its municipal services quite intelligently but also too vertically. The VLCi platform (Valencia Smart City Platform) breaks down these information silos and allows for intelligent and integrated use of all city data in order make better decisions and take action where it is most needed.

For instance, the traffic department has had real time traffic status information for many years, but now all this information is shared with the citizenship by all means possible: through the City App (App Valencia), the Open Data Portal, and now the geoportal and Valencia City Dashboard. The same goes for other key information, such as the air quality data or real-time parking data.

Below are some of the most relevant quotes published by local and regional media related to this action:


City Hall Government Team:

Joan Ribó (Major): “This tool is part of the Valencia City Intelligent Strategy (VLCi), which is part of the European project, and with it we want to contribute to increasing transparency, promoting municipal information and improving the quality of life of all citizens “….

…”it integrates and offers data from many different municipal areas, because the City Council is working in coordination and integration will many departments, putting the citizen in the centre of the action

Pere Fuset (E-administration Councillor):“Valenciaalminut it is a commitment to transparency as the best tool to offer the best services and involve people in the work of the council".

…”A first step included in the Valencia Smart City strategy aims to provide citizens with more information on municipal services and the city in real time and that will be permanently at their disposal "


Industry representatives’ quotes:

- Pablo Gutierrez (ENA VP of Operations Committee):”Awesome, congratulations!

- Guillermo Escobar (CEO E3TCity): “You are doing a great job

- Adriana Monzó (HR Specialist):  “I love it, Valencia deserves it, Valencia online!

- JM Garcia (Senior Sales Manager, Wolters Kluwer Health ): “Great work

Citizen quotes:

- M.A.S – “Congratulations to the Valencia City Hall. Pleasantly surprised with the València / Valencia information portal “#SmartCity


- PMB – “I just listened to the interview a while ago. Very good initiative Pere! #aixinasi”



-   Ángel Gómez, Polytechnic University of València  (Telefónica’s Catedra): “A great tool for citizens!”

geoportal front/home page

Perhaps it is too early to properly quantify the results of this action. Still, we can say it has a good user base (1k/week) that we see increasing daily. The “geoportal” tool is also helping the City Hall internally to detect and reduce tax fraud, especially fraud related to the household taxes (property tax). Here the results have been significantly positive (approx. 5% decrease in tax fraud).


We expect these tools to have positive impacts in several ways:

  • Improving the way the users (citizens, tourists, visitors, entrepreneurs, developers) interact with the city. Make the city friendlier to the people by presenting information in comprehensive ways to them. One positive consequence of this is the reduced time dedicated to finding resources (public bike stations, bus stops, tube stations, train stations, taxi stops, closer/cheaper gas stations, closer/cheaper parking, etc) across the city. Just find it on the map, click on it, and navigate directly to the location.
  • Promoting Smart Mobility. It is key to promote mobility beyond the use of the private car. Having real time information in the palm of your hand is invaluable, such as which nearby bus routes take me to a given destination and at what time. The same happens with the public bike service; by knowing which stations are closer to you and if there are slots or bikes available, there are less barriers for citizens to use these services and move themselves across the city in a more sustainable fashion.
  • As consequence of the previous point, we should observe less pollution in the metropolitan city area and we should have a more lively city.
  • Promoting and supporting a digital culture. In five to ten years, nobody will understand that all city related information is not digitally accessible. Reducing the digital divide is essential for any successful smart city strategy. Connecting the citizen with valuable data for their daily lives and routines is basic to achieving this.
Challenges and lessons learned
Geoportal-traffic Status

The challenge is to engage a critical mass, enough users so the action ends up being successful. In order to achieve this, good implementation, simple and friendly interfaces are “a must” and marketing is key. If citizens don’t know about this action, they won’t use it. Therefore, special care should be taken on not only the launch day but also the time leading up to it, with a good marketing and communication plan including all technical and non-technical aspects, as well as later on with continuous publications in all media possible.  



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