Support of active groups and the integration of weaker citizens into society
City/Region : Dačice , Czech Republic

Our transformative action focuses on the equal access of all citizens - regardless of their age, religious, ethnic  or gender - in city life. We try to engage all groups of population in our city events, first of all active citizens in different voluntary and non – profit groups. Our municipality supports those groups financially, promotionally and provides consultancy as free services. Another part of our action is the integration of weaker, disabled, older or anyway threatened citizens into town society, for example to find work for them or guarantee special social services for them in order to empower them. 

Agendas addressed
Social inclusion and integration
Pathways followed
  • Ensure equal access to municipal services
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
City of Dačice

Dačice has around 7500 citizens and 11 local villages. The town is part of the South – Bohemian Region, located at its border. The town is also situated only 11 km away from Austrian border.  The biggest problem is the migration of young people into bigger towns after finishing their secondary education. There is more culture, social, working and other opportunities in bigger towns. And it is connected with ageing population and greater need of social services mostly for senior citizens. We have also problems with medical care, the nearest fully equipped hospital is 40km away. Local doctors are nearly all senior age and young, new doctors don´t have any interest in moving to a small city.

Our town's main selling points are the beautiful, clean and calm nature, which we are surrounded by and the large working opportunities provided by our close promiximity to Austria. Dačice is the natural centre of the eastern part South - Bohemian region.

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In Action
City of Dačice

City transformative actions:
• support of the socially excluded and to ensure the availability high –quality services for all citizens
• support of social services in town and their promotion
• support senior citizens-financial allowance, provide facilities for their meetings, integration into town´s programs
• progress and maintaining of local clubs and their support in all fields (financially, materially, their publicity)
• support of civic engagement (using social networks to increase awareness of citizens and their engagement
• support of families taking care of disabled person, multiple families, discount of municipal waste fee for second child

Personal assistance - aimed for disabled citizens. The non-profit organization (called Charitní služby Dačice) cooperated directly with parents of disabled children or with responsible persons for older citizens.

Care facilities – aimed for older, dependent citizens. The town cooperates and financially supports two non-profit organizations (called Ledax Dačice and Resident 2000). Ledax runs their services in a Nursing home.

Harm Reduction program – aimed for drug addicts. The town cooperates with a non-profit organization (called Prevent 99) changing set syringe for their clients, consultancy, cooperation with national and town police and municipal guardian.

Therapeutic workroom for disabled persons – The town started these activities in 2016 on demand of disabled children´s parents. Municipality reconstructed disposal place on its own cost worth 32.000 EUR and for time being financially and promotionally support running. The clients produced different presents, bags, candles, decorative products etc. and they sell them during various occasions. Earnings help to run workroom. Our municipality cooperate with non-profit organization that run the workroom (called STD Dačické okénko).
Palliative social care – aimed for persons in terminal stage of illness and support their families taking care at home. The non –profit organization (called Sdílení  o.p,s,) helps close relatives of fatally ill persons to end up their lifetimes in dignity, painless and home. Municipality support organization financially in 2019 worth 3.200 EUR.
Free legal aid – aimed for all persons in need. Municipality paid 2 lawyers twice a week and ordered consultancy lasting maximum 30 minutes.
Parent centre – aimed for parents with small children. Non-profit organization (Katolický dům a Rodinné centrum Křížovatka) guarantee program for children, learning lessons, different lectures. Municipality support organization financially and promotionally. Very good cooperation with catholic church.
Wardrobe – aimed for persons in need. Clients can obtain mostly clothes here. Opening time is every workday 7.30-12 hours. Municipality provide rooms and support also financially. Non-profit organization (Charita Jihlava) runs this activity via voluntary seniors and offer also pleasant space to relax.
Support of local activities and organizations – Municipality supports financially each year voluntary organizations and cooperate together during different occasions.
See enclosed file called with all municipality supports.

City of Dačice

Actively engagement of many citizens into town activities:
1.Sport competition between town Dacice and their 11 local villages which was taking place in September 2014, 2016 and
2.Prepare organization Fair of Leisure activities planned September 2019 - into preparation is connected 20 town clubs.
3.Sports success in sport activities :
   Dacice Majorette - last 5 years very successful in European Championship and World Championship,
   there are 4 groups of different age categories in Dacice.
  Judo - successful mostly in girls categories in local competitions, there are at about 100 registered members.
   Floorball - successful in local competitions, there are 9 groups of different age categories in Dacice
4.New building for voluntary firemen in Dacice was built and opened in June 2018 (Municipality contributed around 220 000
   EUR). There are at about 60 registered members and new group of young firemen (20 children).
   9 local villages have theirs own fire brigade unit and they organized local occasions in their places (for example beer
   festival, firemen competition, days for children, meeting local patriots etc.)    
5.Engage citizens into making decisions about town problems. Municipality has organized public workshop about "Climate   changes in Dacice and surrounding" (participation around 100 people)

Integration into society:
Municipality supports two non- profit organization which help disabled person and subsequently parents, which can have little relax. Both organizations taking care around 30 disabled mostly children and young people. With contribution of town was established "protected workshop", "protected living" and each year is organized charity ball since 2016.
Municipality support senior organization organized around 50 members. They organized trips around Czech republic, each month one trip, Christmas and Easter parties.


1. Therapeutical workshop was opened in June 2019, established for 15 lightly disabled persons. Intention is to get those citizens into labour  market and this way lower their social exclusion.
2. Integration senior citizens into local activities, mostly their help with occasions organized by local municipality (fairtrade breakfast, farmer´s market) and theatre organized specially for older generation with subject their vulnerability. Engagement up to 200 senior citizens.
3. Mother´s integration into job opportunity by building new kinder garden school in September 2018 for 95 children. It brings significant using of halftime job for those parents.      
4.Increasing activities for school children by establishing new leisure circles: voluntary firemen (30 children), gymnastics (25 children), workout exercising (20 children), tennis (10 children), beekeeping club (10 children).
5. New construction the House for children being in progress, planning open September 2020 for activities after school, planning capacity for 20 different groups (sports, nature, art, technic) with capacity 100 children.   
6. We use social network (Facebook) for communication with our citizens, we have established four public groups called  “Dacice community" (6 989 registered),  “Investment projects” (499 registered), “Intersection of Palacky square” (286 registered) and “Repairs in the City” (495 registered) where all registered citizens can write down their proposals and municipality management solves those impulses as soon as possible.
7. Construction new senior house in cooperation with regional authority South - Bohemian region, opened September 2018, with capacity 73 clients mainly from Dacice and close region. Since January 2019 works also new daily care centrum in this house set for 10 clients older 55 years.

Challenges and lessons learned

The biggest problem of our activities was to convince the municipality board members about the need to engage normal citizens into decision making process even though it was only proposals. Another problem was public activity and keeping this interest in the city's needs. In this case was shown there is a relatively large group of citizens interested in public life. This time are mostly our activities built on this active groups.
But on the other hand we can see a significant improvement in communication between city representatives and public. We believe that there has been an increase in the social but also in civil cohesion in Dačice, regardless of their age, religion, ethnic identity or gender.



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