Moving Towards Zero
Organisation : Go Zero Waste , Spain

Moving Towards Zero is an initiative of action-based challenges that promote waste reduction and sustainable living among citizens and young generations through gamification. Go Zero Waste provides a platform that delivers customized challenges through an app in collaboration with local governments, companies and schools. 

  • Empowering people to reduce their waste and live more sustainably with action-based local challenges.
  • Allowing local and educational institutions to implement waste prevention awareness and action campaigns based on their waste reduction policies and priorities.
  • Linking action-based challenges to local incentives such as rewards, tax reductions or tickets for local cultural & sports events.
Agendas addressed
Greenfield land and natural spaceWater resources and air qualityClimate change
Social inclusion and integrationLocal economies and employment
Pathways followed
  • Involve citizens through participatory implementation
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
  • Promote social innovation supporting inclusion
  • Capitalise on local economy and production
  • Create and close local value chains
  • Apply innovative financing approaches
  • Implement sustainable procurement principles
  • Pursue a shift towards a circular economy
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
  • Accelerate sustainability and innovation through public procurement
  • Guarantee equal access to information & digital services
Participants 3

We launched the campaign in 8 cities so far (El Masnou, Alella, Teià, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Salou, Argentona, Maó and Igualada). The platform is fully operative and has a solid structure. Is has been designed in a way that it can be easily customized and adapted to serve several campaigns simultaneously. Economically, it is based on a license business model where an a local authority pays to use the platform with customized and co created challenges. They get technological promotional support from the Go Zero Waste team along the whole process. The platform and the app require the use of a smartphone and good Internet connection to participate.

In Action
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The platform is functional, stable and ready to scale. We have successfully launched our first experiences in several municipalities and territories in Spain with great participation results when working together with schools and local organizations. We are already in conversation with several cities across Europe and North America including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Glasgow and Toronto after being selected among the winners of the Circular Innovation City Challenge early this June. The app is currently in English and Spanish and it is being translated to several other languages.

From the first campaign launch, 15th of March 2021 more than 2825 participants have overcome 3121 challenges and avoid more than 3.600 waste items. Local challenges include actions such as: plastic-free shopping, repairing clothes and small domestic appliances, composting food waste, picking up trash, recycling initiatives, promoting reusable services, using sustainable transport, building new habits, learning how to reduce food waste, engaging in community activities, extending the life of our belongings or learning tips to save water and energy. The platform is collaborative and not only includes the challenges but it links them to a local map where people can find out stores and services related to each challenge. As part of the campaign, local activities are organized across the year, including upcycling workshops or cleanup days.

Some of the quotes we received from the participants: 
1) Thanks to Moving Towards Zero reward I got a gift card of 50€ to start buying bulk (Maria) 
2) It's like a game for my family, with this tool I explained to my kids some actions we can do every day (James)





With the campaign we have reach 8 cities with more than 100.000 population. 

Right now the App has more than 35.000 downloads from 35 different countries. 

Campaign participants

·  2.825 participants
·  3.121 challenges overcame
·  3.600 waste items
· 10 activities organized
· 600 stores that promote zero waste and circular economy added to the map


We believe that Moving Towards Zero has a great potential as an EdTech tool. By promoting behavioral change through gamification we can have a positive impact on young generations and local communities. Raising awareness through changing daily habits can lead to a global reduction of waste and emissions while saving waste management costs for Municipalities and working towards more Zero Waste and Circular cities. We can measure participation and engagement by the number of actions taken and the amount of waste prevented and CO2 prevented and deliver reports with the results. We can also organize competitions among schools or companies and different teams. The app can be a tool for the implementation of policies and behavioral change among citizens including kids and their families, that have been proven great drivers for change.

Challenges and lessons learned

· It's important that the challenges can all be overcome in the city of the campaign
· Is better if campaign is a 3 moth length instead of 1 year length, that way participants have less time to achieve the maximum of challenges and they don't postpone them. 
· Rewards are better when they are gift cards (to spend in local shops) or movie theater tickets. 

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