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We are launching a global platform to revolutionize, the view of humanity in terms of housing.

Having a home, a roof over our head is a basic need. It is a human right and not a commodity. Buildings are essential for everyone.

Buildings effect: Global warming, air pollution, water scarcity. (Cement Industry: 2,2 Billion Tonnes  CO2 Emissions/Year; Energy Consumption: 32%; Greenhouse-Gas-Emissions: 19%.)

Through our platform you learn about the impact living has on health, environment and how to save money through natural living. We achieve the essential change of mindset for the majority leading to efficiency improvement in behavior.

Agendas addressed
DecarbonisationWater resources and air qualityClimate change
Public spaceHousing
Pathways followed
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
  • Promote social innovation supporting inclusion
  • Capitalise on local economy and production
  • Create and close local value chains
  • Implement sustainable procurement principles
  • Pursue a shift towards a circular economy
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
  • Guarantee equal access to information & digital services

The serious irregularities of the constructions industry and home building sector are not just concerning Vienna as a metropolis or Austria’s rural areas. These drawbacks reach beyond areal and national borders.

Nowadays our buildings are cheap and a product of profit maximization. This results in poor quality materials and shorter life spans of buildings. The user and the environment are the injured parties and have to pay the price. The ecological problems we face today are a result of the insatiable building industry and its greed of profit. This is harmful on a global level. On a personal level the use of these poor quality materials has a huge impact on our health and well-being and often results in allergies and both physical and psychological illnesses.

These facts are evidential (IPCC). With our platform we are reaching a critical mass of users and raise awareness finally.

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In Action
02 - Natural Living Marketplace - Service Suppliers

After winning the award of CERIecon, a EU-Program to support founders with sustainable ecological and social function, we are happy to be equipped with infrastructure and co-working-space in Vienna. Also being in the finals of THE ARA CIRCULAR INNOVATION AWARD 2018 for visionary projects will take us forward. These and following successes as well as meeting with approval make us confident of the importance of our movement.

With our vision to save the humanity by reducing the raise of the global average temperature to less than 2 °C compared to the preindustrial ages in 2100 we convinced many (As per IPCC). This way our aim took shape to a platform for natural living.

On our platform we offer 1. Tools & 2. Network.

1. With our innovative Home-Design-Tool every interested layman becomes the architect of his or her natural, affordable and healthy home. While playing with our tool having fun, you learn about the positive effects of natural building materials. Furthermore you’ll become aware that energy saving and sustainable buildings can save you as an inhibitor hundreds of thousands of Euros over the building’s life cycle. You try out various materials and arrangements and design your own personal home intuitively. By changing natural products and their thickness the amount of costs, health influences and environmental impact are presented. They appear as fast as lightning with clear diagrams and understandable texts. Animations make this entertaining. On this occasion, a realistic model of your future home arises.

2.  In addition, we connect consumers and suppliers of products and services in our natural living marketplace instantly. We create a virtual business venue for these providers on our platform. Interested parties can contact them directly, communicate and place orders. A rating system guarantees best quality for customers. Additionally likeminded users can connect with each other and share their valuable knowhow and experiences.

Our platform is a global movement functioning as a system with self-organized local groups. This way these regional societies are responding to the specific geopolitical needs and environmental circumstances of their homes.

We inform and sensitize, so that we as a majority finally make critical and independent decisions about housing, or build ourselves eventually.


As a lecturer of Sustainable Architectural Design with Natural Materials at the Technical University of Vienna I was already able to lay a solid foundation made of international research and industry organizations. We are building partnerships between University Organizations worldwide. The University of Teheran, Isfehan and Yazd with strong backgrounds in sustainable building are our latest achievements.

We were able to win the support of the most popular Iranian Architect for Natural Architecture, Faramarz Parsi, as partner for our Platform in Iran. Also the most influential Austrian opinion former and Producer of building material with clay, Roland Meingast, will support us and will be part of our platform.

We are building the basic framework of our platform which will be released after a particular progress. Our catchy Website-Domain-Name is already protected. Our Home-Design-Tool is being developed and as a next milestone we will rollout our beta-version.

All together we are promoting further both the connection between organizations, institutions and people as well as building the technological backbone of our platform hand in hand. The connection will ensure the content and personalities needed for our platform. The technological structure will provide the global scalability in intended time. Only at this level of growth the survival of humanity will be guaranteed.  

There is a lot of work waiting to be done. A strong community carrying out this awareness is being created. We need many more team members and supporters. Above a certain threshold this movement is going to be a self runner. Achieving this important milestone we need every possible hand and help.


We inform and sensitize, so that we as a majority finally make critical and independent decisions about housing, or build ourselves eventually.

With us the world population builds energy saving homes made of natural materials which will last much longer and reduce emissions from production to recycling. Global warming will decline thus environmental catastrophes will become rare and the forth living of humankind will be guaranteed in the future.

With us living in natural homes will reduce stress, provide their inhabitants a longer and healthier life and eliminate psychological diseases like burnout and depression. The well-being of humankind will rise. Children growing up in these homes won’t develop allergies anymore.

With us living gets more affordable for everyone. Through natural living for example a family in Austria, building a +energy home will invest about 460.000 Euros instead of 400.000 but throughout the lifecycle considering future recycling fees this family will save 950.000 Euros in 40 years. And with us everyone can save about 60% of the costs of housing in the future.

With our movement we are changing the world to a place where natural and healthy living gets the upper hand so the less than 2°C rise of temperatures will be fulfilled and we are saved.

With our movement the potential of reducing the CO2 emitted by buildings worldwide up to 80% can be achieved already by 2028. The global manmade CO2 emissions will be 49,9 Billion Tonnes 10 years from now. The buildings are responsible for 19% of these emissions which is equivalent to 9,48 Billion Tonnes in 2028. Saving 80% of these potential emissions means saving 7.585.000.000.000 Tonnes (7,58 Billion Tonnes) manmade CO2 just by living healthy and affordable 10 years from now.

Be part of our community and support our movement so together we save humanity.

Challenges and lessons learned

The most valuable lesson we learned in the past month since we started our movement is like Victor Hugo once stated: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” We as a Mankind are ready to take a step forward and take our destiny into our own hands right now. People are receptive for a fundamental change to a healthier and more equal future and ready to take action. Our society is about to transform to a global thinking and local acting future-proof community. With our actions we bring this transformation to life. Please support us!



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