Legazpi Klima: Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy
City/Region : Legazpi , Spain

Legazpi Local Council has prepared a Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy, known as Legazpi Klima 2030.

It is a reflection on how we envisage Legazpi will be in 15 years time: what energy we will be using, how we will travel around, which economic sectors we want to drive, what problems climate change will cause, how we will protect ourselves, how we will address ageing, and how we will look after the natural environment.

Councillors, municipal technicians and the citizens of Legazpi were involved in preparing the Diagnosis and the Action Plan.
Both the Diagnosis and the 2017-2024 Action Plan have also been published in “Lectura Fácil” [Easy Ready] so that can be understood by people with reading difficulties.

Agendas addressed
Climate change
Pathways followed
  • Involve citizens through participatory implementation
  • Implement sustainable procurement principles
  • Pursue a shift towards a circular economy
  • Accelerate sustainability and innovation through public procurement
  • Guarantee equal access to information & digital services

Legazpi is an industrial municipality with 8,400 inhabitants. It grew rapidly in the 1960s as people flocked to work at Patricio Echeverria, S.A. During the 1980s, it underwent a severe industrial crisis.

It currently continues to be an industrial municipality, even though the service sector has gained in importance. It has a very rich natural environment and is home to the Aizkorri Natural Park. Legazpi embarked  on its journey towards sustainability in 1998 when it signed up to the Aalborg Charter. It is a founding partner of  Udalsarea 21, the Basque Network of Municipalities towards Sustainability.

In 2011, it produced its first Agenda 21 Plan.

Accolades for its work to foster sustainability:
- 2012: Udalsarea 21, the Basque Network of Municipalities towards Sustainability, recognised the quality of the Legazpi Local Agenda 21 by awarding it the 2012 Gold tak21 Prize
- 2013: Legazpi achieved “Fair Trade Town” status
- 2015: Legazpi signed up to the Compact of Mayors, with Compliant rating
- 2017: Udalsarea 21, the Basque Network of Municipalities, awarded Legazpi a special mention for the quality of its Agenda 21

In Action

Legazpi Klima 2030 is a Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy..

Since 2001, Legazpi has had 3 Agenda 21 plans and a climate change mitigation plan

This strategy and the accompanying 2017-2024 Action Plan set the benchmark for the type of municipality that we want to achieve by 2030 and introduced the following new aspects:  
-. It is the first time that sustainability and climate change plans have been integrated in one single plan. It includes climate change adaptation
-. It places special importance on ensuring that it can be understood by everyone. A special edition of both the Diagnosis and the Action Plan has therefore been added in Lectura Fácil ( )

The work consists of the following documents:
- Summary document of the current situation
- Diagnosis of climate change vulnerability
- Legazpi Klima 2030 strategy
- 2017-2024 Local Action Plan
- Monitoring plan

It is based on the following international commitments: Aalborg +10, Basque Declaration and Compact of Mayors

Participation has been one of the most important factors in the process to prepare Legazpi Klima 2030:
- 7 meetings with the Mayor and councillors
- 5 citizen participation stages, either by means of surveys or by in-person participation at the Agenda 21 Forum
- 5 review meetings with municipal technical staff (15 technicians)


The achievements from preparing  the Legazpi Klima 2030 strategy are as follows:

- Combating climate change and the sustainability plan combined in a single strategy
- Climate change adaptation introduced: vulnerability assessment and action
- Broad citizen participation and by the municipal technicians in preparing the strategy

- Documents prepared in “Lectura Facil” so Legazpi  citizens can understand them. Their validation with people with intellectual disabilities
- Measurable targets set: 40% emission reduction, 30% renewable energy at the council, 20% renewable energy in the municipality, separate collection of 80% of the waste, 40% use of the Basque Language, over 10 annual citizen participation processes, 50% specification with environmental criteria, 20% citizen transactions by electronic channels.

The strategy was approved on 28-06-2017

Different actions have been implemented, such as analysing sustainable drainage systems, reviewing the mobility plan, European Good Local Adapt project for climate change adaptation, signing up to the Green Public Procurement Programme of the Basque Country 2020 and introducing environmental criteria in new tender specifications, impetus to the Bertatik Bertara project to foster the consumption of local products, preparing a Special Plan to revitalise local trade, calculating emissions, etc.

The first assessment of this plan will be carried out this year, meaning that we will then have objective results.


The most relevant data can be summarised as follows:

- Citizens completed over 150 surveys

- Over 80 people from Legazpi, 57% of whom were women, took part in the Agenda 21 Forums.

- 21-04-2016: What is Legazpi like now?: 20akta-%20ERDERAZ.pdf
- 16-06-2016 Legazpi in 2030: 20ERDERAZ.pdf
- 29-09-2016: Improvement actions: 20ERDERAZ.pdf
- 05-10-2017: Legazpi Klima presentation: 20akta-%20EUSKARAZ.pdf

The implementation of the Plan seeks to achieve the following objectives (See pages 13-14 of the plan):

Challenges and lessons learned

Despite the difficult and without references to guide us, we have managed to integrate striving for sustainability, climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation into a single strategy. Having the objectives and actions in a single plan greatly facilitates its implementation and monitoring.

It is the first time that Legazpi Local Council has produced a special edition of such a complex and important document in Lectura Fácil. We believe it to be fundamental that everyone can understand it, if it is a strategy to improve the life and environment of the residents of Legazpi. We have therefore tested it with people with intellectual disabilities.



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