The City Council of Navaridas, together with the different actors who have participated in this project, seeks to promote a series of initiatives and actions that establish a global strategy involving all spheres and sectors of local society: the associative fabric, the neighbourhood collective, the economic sector and the environment, among others.
These initiatives have the mission of developing and transforming the social, cultural and economic environment of Navaridas.
This Development Plan, "Navaridas 2025: Wineries, culture and society," sets the basis for sustainable future growth in the social and economic area of the town.

Agendas addressed
Local economies and employment
Pathways followed
  • Ensure equal access to municipal services
  • Involve citizens through participatory implementation
  • Promote social innovation supporting inclusion
  • Nurture a sharing economy
  • Create and close local value chains
  • Implement sustainable procurement principles
  • Pursue a shift towards a circular economy
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
  • Guarantee equal access to information & digital services
  • Support open data standards
  • Prepare policies for socio-cultural changes due to innovation

Navaridas has 240 inhabitants (foreign population exceeds 28%) in its 9 km2 dedicated entirely to the agricultural sector. Most of the workforce is unskilled, working as seasonal workers in agriculture, and the other economic activities are secondary with respect to agriculture.
Traditionally, the local farmers produced their own wine and, over time, they created numerous family-owned commercial wineries and artisan products. However, in recent years the production of wine has been significantly reduced as it is more profitable to sell the grapes.
Navaridas faces a two-sided challenge: maintaining its old economic and cultural heritage, linked to the world of wine, and preparing for the future. Navaridas runs the risk of becoming an uninhabited village surrounded by magnificent vineyards, overtaken by large wineries in the area.

In Action

The situation in Navaridas, if it follows the current dynamics, probably will not have a generational replacement in the production of wines, and in a little more time the town could run the risk of depopulating orbecoming an aging town with seasonal settlers.

We believe that improving conditions for wine production, with an increase in quantity, but more importantly with a recognition of its quality and therefore sale price, will improve economic activity and will provide an incentive for the installation of new warehouses, and increased employment including the social insertion of immigrant neighbors.
Consequently, the project "Navaridas 2025: Wineries, culture and society" is the axis of sustainable development of Navaridas and will influence other aspects and elements
of the town, such as:

·         Urban transformation.

·         The conservation and improvement of the environment.

·         Socio-economic activity.

·         Socio-cultural activity.


Expected funding
Recruitment of individual consultant for each company (8,000 Euros per company, six companies) 48,000 €. Kudeabide (60%) € 28,800 and City Hall € 9,600.

Project management and coordination (Qark) € 10,000. Technical in charge of the project, for seven months € 21,000. Preparation and drafting of action plan 2025 (Qark) € 7,500. General expenses € 7,000.

Implementation of RRSS and internet presence
Website for the five wineries € 13,500.
Community Manager € 9,000

Advertising actions
€ 20,000

Home renovation Sodupe
Reinforcement of the structure of the palace for the creation of the tasting room, wine cellar and catering area 350,000 €.
Ministry of Development provides the entire financing 350,000 €.

Improvement of access to the vineyards
Improvement of access network € 100,000.
The Basque Government contributes the entire financing of € 100,000
Total Cost of Navaridas Sustainable and Integral Development Project 20.25 "BODEGAS, CULTURE AND SOCIETY".
€ 586,000

Other financing obtained for the development of the project: € 488,400
Amount to be requested later to complete the Plan: € 97,600. Percentage to be subscribed 16.66%.


These objectives have been fulfilled over time, applying the guidelines that have been developed in this action plan 2025 during the diagnostic phase. This phase was carried out during the first half of 2017 and will be completed by 31 December.
There are some actions that have already been implemented, thanks to the involvement of several institutions that have agreed to finance them:

1. Basque Government: 1st phase of the renovation of access to vineyards (€ 100,000), implementation of public WIFI networks and the external recovery of Casa Sodupe and courtyard of the house-palace (€ 80,000).

2. Ministerio de Fomento: 1st phase of the renovation of the interior of Casa Sodupe (structural reinforcements) for the rehabilitation of the necessary services for wineries such as the tasting room, among others (€ 350,000).

3. Diputación Foral de Álava: 2nd phase rehabilitation of the neighbourhood of Las Bodegas (400,000 €).

4. Basque Government: Grant to encourage physical activity with the design and signalling 1st Stage Green Routes (€ 3,200).

5. Diputación Foral de Álava. Signalling 2nd Phase with printing of tourist brochures for the Green Routes (€ 5,000).


The situation in Navaridas, if it follows the current dynamics, probably will not have a generational replacement in the production of wines, and in several more years could run the risk of entirely depopulating, becoming an aging village or one with only seasonal settlers.
We believe that the improvement in the conditions of wine production, with an increase in quantity but more importantly with a recognition of its quality and therefore sale price, will improve economic activity improve and an incentive for the installation of new warehouses and increased employment.
This proposal consists of a series of actions that over the next few years should mark the way forward for Navaridas as a community. This proposal is designed to be carried out by the inhabitants of Navaridas, especially by their winemakers. Each of them will have an individual role but also share the same common goal. This will not be possible without the cohesion of the people, something Navaridas has demonstrated over the years in the various initiatives that are carried out, which makes us trust in the ability to work together.

O Creation of green spaces within the urban area. The courtyard of the Casa Sodupe is currently being restored as a public use plaza.
O Extension of the "El Monte" of Navaridas thanks to the exchanges of vacant lots adjoining this protected area.
O Extension of the routes and green paths that communicate the diverse natural and cultural spaces of Navaridas.
O Conservation and improvement of biodiversity.
O Environmental education programmes.

Challenges and lessons learned

The present project started as an initiative of a group of people and institutions in Navaridas, or linked to Navaridas, who think that a change is necessary so that the town can enjoy sustainable development and a prosperous future, but at the same time respectful with regard to the environment and local tradition.
The Navaridas sustainable and integrated development project has the main objective of establishing a young population and improving the social and economic fabric of the population.



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