Izmit Çınar Waste Project
City/Region : Izmit/Kocaeli/Izmit Municipality , Turkey

The transformative action put into practice by our municipality includes the implementation of the web-based and the android and ios-based ' İzmit Çınar Atık' mobile application for our citizens in order to increase the amount and diversity of recyclable wastes which is collected within our borders and to raise awareness about the importance of recycling in waste management as well. Our transformative action has been created in line with the goals of the UN Sustainable Development Golas under the title of Sustainable Cities and Communities and has been designed to be easily adapted b other local governments as well.

Agendas addressed
DecarbonisationClimate change
Pathways followed
  • Ensure equal access to municipal services
  • Pursue a shift towards a circular economy
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
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The web-based and the android and ios-based  'İzmit Çınar Atık' mobile application aims to raise awareness of our citizens about the importance of recycling and environment in which most of our citizens has inadequate knowledge but also to inform them about the projects that our municipality has already implemented or proposed in related field as well. Within the scope of our project, the locations of all recycling points spread throughout our city are marked on the recycling map in our mobile application.Specifically with using the mobile application citizens can see the related waste bin closest to their location according to  waste type from their smartphones, get directions to to the waste bin they choose and give feedback to our municipality with the unique QR  code which is stamped on each waste bin as well. Thus diversity and amount of recycable wastes which will be collected in İzmit  increase gradually.

In Action
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The project of creating web-based and android and ios-based 'İzmit Çınar Atık' (Izmit Çınar Waste) mobile application by our municipality in order to increase the awareness of our citizens about the environment,to raise awareness about waste management and to increase the amount of all kinds of waste recycling throughout the district was developed by Izmit Municipality's Environmental Protection Directorate in 2020. In the same year, studies has started to implement the project.For this purpose 602 packaging waste boxes,163 glass boxes,49 pet cages,26 electronic waste containers,200 waste oil drums,148 battery boxes,and locations of two mobile waste collection center were processed on the Recycling Map and placed on the relevant website and mobile application.

The design and information processing process of the application was completed in 2020,and the system was put into practice as of January 20 in 2021. The entire project cost was covered by Izmit Municipality Environmental Protection Directorate budget.With the implementation of our project, our citizens have able to see the closest waste collection according the type of waste from their smartphones and get directions to the waste bin they have chosen.

The citizens who reaches the waste bin which they have selected can also create a waste collection request to our municipality by using the 'Send Check' and 'Report Waste' buttons in the mobile application, if the relevant waste bin is full. Furthermore our citizens can access information about the works of our municipality in the field of waste management,news and projects which is carried out or planned to be realized in this field,within the 'İzmit Çınar Atık'website and android and ios-based 'İzmit Çınar Atık' mobile application. Our project has started to be announced by our social media channels after Çınar Atık website and mobile application become operational for our citizens with the aim of increasing awareness about our project.Moreover in order to foster more active usage of the app and to reach more people the Environmental Knowledge Contest was implemented between June-July 2021 to hiighlight the importance of recycling and create a general environmental awareness for children and young people through the İzmit Çınar Atık mobile application. Our municipality plans to continue similar activities and studies for our citizens to download the mobile application and to enter the related website more intensively with the aim of creating a general environmental awareness for the public as well.


Çınar Atık Mobile Application Waste Recycling Map

Since the implementation of the project, the web page has been viewed 1.500 times by our citizens, and the application has been downloaded 1200 times. Altough our project has been operational for only 6 months, the positive feedback from citizens and the interest shown in the implementation give hope for the future of the project.


As a result of the promotional activities to be carried out through the communication channels of our municipality, it is aimed that the number of our citizens who downloaded the application will reach 10.000 by the end of 2022.With the implementation of the project in 2021, despite the current pandemic conditions 3.915 tons of packgaging waste, 2.890 tons of glass waste,321 tons of textile waste,13 tons of electric waste,8 tons of vegetable waste oil and 3 tons of waste bateries were collected from waste collection bins.This corresponds to a % 5 increase in the amount of waste collected compared to the same period of the previous year.

In the upcoming period with the removal of of the pandemic measures and the increase in the number of citizens downloading our mobile application as a result of our promotional acitivities, it is aimed that the increase in the amount of recycle wastes collected by the end of 2022 will increase by%15 compared to 2020.

Today, technological developments affecting every field have made it necessary to integrate waste management into smart cities as well. It is inevitable that the current application will be experienced and further developed according the needs of the time.



Since the implementation of our mobile application and website, the number of citizens calling our municipality for asking about the location of waste points by phone has been reduced by%10 and the two district municipalities in our city have taken action to implement similar mobile applications in their own regions as well.With the aim of inform more people all communication tools of our municipality,especially social media are used. With the realization of our project, an important step has been taken towards raising environmental awareness in the city to higher levels and ensuring easy access of our citizens to existing waste collection points. The Çınar Atık mobile application and website which are implemented with our project ensure that more waste types and more waste are collected separately   for recycling especially within the scope of our municipality's zero waste targets.

In this way our project will set an example for other municipalities on a local and national scale within the scope of reducing the amount of household waste and reducing the cost of collection of household wastes as well.

Challenges and lessons learned
send check from Çınar Atık mobile application

The municipality has 1475 waste points in our district and they spread over an area of 484 km2 and some points have not been recorded with specificc QR codes which  necessitated the allocation of additional labor and time to stamp QR  codes for unrecorded bins which is crucial for project implementation.For the local governments  which is planning to implement similar smart city projects in waste management,have to record all waste points 

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