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Reuse discarded materials by local administrations, companies or individuals at local green points to pollute less and take care of urban biodiversity.

Agendas addressed
Pathways followed
  • Nurture a sharing economy
  • Pursue a shift towards a circular economy
  • Accelerate sustainability and innovation through public procurement
Completed work

Cities must move towards a more sustainable future that respects the environment. Until now these animals were seen as intruders and invaders relegating them to live as part of a plague. This mentality is already beginning to change, taking care of the biodiversity that survives on the streets. Now the local administrations are responsible for their care and attention. But for these living beings is an odyssey to live and find a source of food. Some important inhabitants are the stray cats colonies. They contribute to the good health of the cities. But many times they face so many dangers to eat or drink that they die or suffer serious accidents. Our Association reuses old trash bins that the local administrations have abandoned transforming them into CatDonalds (feeding points 24 / h) or CatHotels (points where they can also rest protected).

In Action
Inside. Tires adapted as vertical beds

In this action, more than one ton of discarded materials has been reused. Old garbage containers that the City Council of Abrera (Barcelona) had abandoned (3 Igloos and 2 bins). The work has been done in the green point of the city obtaining there the necessary materials to perform the work. The adaptation lasted two months. The entities involved have been the local administration, the local Association responsible for taking care of the stray cats colonies: Amics Acollidors Abrera, our Association and  the group of local high school students tasked with decorating them. After the local administration of Abrera was commissioned to install them in the respective colonies where they are providing service as can be seen in this article published in a national newspaper recently:
Here you can see the official announcement of the city informing about the installation of CatHotels and CatDonalds:


The achievements that have been achieved is that the public sees with good eyes their 'little neighbors' cats. They like to have a clean, dignified and decorated installation that embellishes the environment. The volunteers who take care of the feline colony are very happy to see their work recognized and the life of the felines dignified. And the stray cats that use them enjoy better health by having food and water protected and clean 24 hours a day. That way they spend all day resting and making themselves away from sight.


The social impact has been very positive, the comments from the neighbors show the gratitude and approval for this initiative. The environmental impact has been great; a ton of plastic materials of very difficult recycling have been reused, lengthening their useful life avoiding that they contaminate the environment. Without counting the high cost in the destruction of these trash bins. The saving in municipal expenses has been remarkable, if these materials had to be purchased at points of sale and carried out the work by professionals the cost would have been much higher and the result very bad for lacking the necessary knowledge to adapt them to the needs felines Something to take into account is also the total absence of other associations / companies that are dedicated to making this adaptation.

Challenges and lessons learned
Decorating Igloo

The challenges encountered are having to adapt our work to the type of trash bins that the local administration has discarded. Another challenge is to adapt those trash bins to the place where they will give service to the feline colony. The lessons learned are seeing the need in all cities for decent facilities of this kind for felines.



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