The New Face of BlackSea: Fındıklı Municipality

With the logic of participatory democracy, the city council, which includes all the representatives of non-governmental organizations and different working groups, held its 1st general assembly on January 14 with 84 representatives. With the establishment of the City Council with Fındıklı, the previously established public assemblies decided to continue their work as assemblies under this structure. Our councils are represented by the participation in the city council, the public, the women's, the youth, the tradesmen, the commercial vehicle tradesmen, the disabled, Reeves Councils. The structure of the city council continues its works by adopting the culture of meci (imece).

EU Green Deal Policy Areas Addressed
Sustainable mobilityBiodiversitySustainable agriculture
Eliminating pollutionPublic spaceFrom Farm to Fork
Sustainable industry
Pathways followed
  • Ensure equal access to municipal services
  • Involve citizens through participatory implementation
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
  • Promote social innovation supporting inclusion
  • Nurture a sharing economy
  • Capitalise on local economy and production
  • Create and close local value chains
  • Implement sustainable procurement principles
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
  • Guarantee equal access to information & digital services
  • Support open data standards
  • Ensure new policies take socio-cultural changes resulting from innovative technologies into account

Environmental pollution and garbage problem, street animals problem, lack of communication between municipality management and public due to closed city management understanding, crooked urbanization, water pollution, not organizing cultural activities and fields of activity, farming of agricultural activities from natural farming methods, employment of the young and female population, lack of communication between municipalities, public educational activities only made government agencies with , and insufficient organization of emergency and crisis desks. Recycling and Zero Waste Center, Street Animals Rehabilitation and Life Center, implementation of reverse pyramid technique in municipal management, urban landscape studies, renewal of the city water system, realization of festivals and cultural activities, ancestor seeds production and greenhouse work, arranging traffic for disabled individuals, giving priority to women and youth in employment, sister municipalities, proper management of the pandemic process, general and cultural courses put into operation within the municipality, and urban and social transformation.

In Action

Our institution, which adopts social municipalism, supports this understanding with cooperatives, forming unions and sister municipal practices. We aim to realize urban and social transformation by considering the transparency and publicity of Fındıklı with the word, authority and decision.Our councils form sub-working groups, seeking and applying solutions to existing problems. To gather our transformation actions under 3 headings; actions aimed at enhancing participatory local democracy, socio / cultural activities, technological transformation activities.

- Actions aimed at enchancing participatory local democracy: 8 public councils and working groups affiliated to the city council provide participation and direction to the municipal services by presenting the principles, needs and action plans they set within the city council through representatives. Councils contribute to the work, support it and make recommendations. They determine the rules and instructions of their operation. Sub-working groups formed are: Women's Assembly, Youth Assembly (animal rights committee, cultural activities working group, crisis management working group), Tradesmen Assembly, Commercial Vehicle Tradesmen Assembly, Children's Council, Disabled Assembly, Reeves Assembly.

-Sociocultural Activities: Until 2019, cultural and artistic activities are almost non-existent, and even Fındıklı Municipality does not have any activities on this matter. Our municipality, which started its duty after the 31 March Local Elections, held the traditional Green Gold Silver Sea Festival, which was not held for 14 years; He organized interviews with theater actors, authors and journalists, and 6 theater plays were exhibited; Women's, youth and children's choir was established, in addition to the municipal choir concert, various artists were hosted in our district and memorial nights were organized for the old artists. Film days were held within the scope of weekly movie shows. Art workshops were opened; Photograph exhibitions were opened in various periods. Besides the famous artists, local artists also participated in the festivals and presentations. The festival made a national and international sense.

-Technological transformations: Fındıklı Municipality application was put into service in Android and IOS system. Free WiFi service is provided throughout our district. Social media is actively used, our channel is included in youtube as VİÇEMECİ TV. We have an online library. Support service is provided to citizens over 65 years old with the support line 153for pandemi. All activities for municipal activities are shared online as monthly bulletins and published on social media.


The delegation of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers made studies in our district between the dates of 24-26 May 2019 in order to find solutions to the existing problems in the district. Cleaning mechanic: On 06.08.2019, an area of ​​4 km was cleared of garbage with the participation of the public assemblies.

Zero Waste Facility: Projects to be carried out with recycling volunteers and the recycling movement are planned. Planning was made for the facility where the separated waste will be kept. Recycling and zero waste projects are ongoing. ICLEI has been a member. (Local Governments Network for Sustainability)

Stray Animals: The City Council Animal Rights Working Group created feed points for stray animals. Construction of the Street Animals Life and Rehabilitation Center started. Cat and dog sterilizations continue according to the planned schedule. Closed Administration: The office door of the Municipality of Fındıklı was dismantled so that the public could easily access the manager. It was possible to meet directly with the mayor without making an appointment process for meetings, consultations, requests and requests.

Women's Studies: Our women's council continues its activities in coordination with the City Council on marches, association studies, 8 March World Working Women's Day and gender equality.

A record number of participants participated in the events that have experienced the most active period of the last 14 years in the field of culture and arts in our district. The municipality has increased its employment capacity, new units have been added and priority has been given to the employment of young people, women and disabled people. Municipal units are responsible for monthly reporting, monthly budget and unit reports are shared with our citizens.


Each council evaluates problem determination and solution suggestions related to its field together with the City Council and works in coordination with our municipality.

 In approximately 500 days:

-It became a sister municipality with 11 municipalities in total, both domestic and international.

The City Council, consisting of an executive board of 14 people and 85 representatives, was established.

-8 Public Councils were created.

-Inspired Papatya Street has been turned into Art Street by making landscape works.

The free WiFi service started on August 10, 2019.

- Parking spaces were determined on December 18 for the “City without Barriers” target, and speed-stops and traffic signs were placed where necessary.

-Tuncer Ergüven Social Facilities were renewed. The facility has been made suitable for the use of individuals with disabilities.

The e-municipality application was launched on February 22nd.

- Training was carried out within the scope of trainer activities. (1 July-3 August 2019) Workshops were held in 14 different areas for 5 weeks.

- e-library were put into service.

- Zuga Contemporary Education Cooperative and Meci Agricultural Development Cooperative were established.

- Theater plays.

-Choir Studies and Concerts: The income of the concert, which was organized by the Fındıklı Municipality Women's Choir on December 13 and attended by more than 1000 people, was transferred to the needy families determined by the City Council Commission..


Green Gold Silver Sea Festival: In addition to the local artists, groups such as Mor ve Ötesi, Moğollar, Samida, and Metanu performed at the festival. A total of 10,000 people from the surrounding provinces and districts participated in the festival.

Challenges and lessons learned

The financial resource required for the construction of the Street Animals Rehabilitation and Life Center was provided by collecting the tea in the tea garden donated by a charitable citizen by the method of imece. Sister municipalities donated business machines when necessary. The pandemic process experienced worldwide has been easily overcome in our district as a result of the intense work of the City Council and our municipality, and a certificate of appreciation has been given to our district by the governorship and district governorship.



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