Make Ecotourism seamlessly accessible for the whole world through a smart Mobile Application and Web
Organisation : TripnTap , Lebanon

Tripntap is a website and mobile application that links outdoor seekers and tour operators, connects users, while building a community that contributes to a sustainable world


  • Gather a dynamic group of youth to fulfil the UN SDGS and make sure we are not the cause of our own destruction. 
  • 2% of every trip booked will be donated to sustainable development goals through a dynamic group
  • Create partnerships with local and international organisations to promote sustainable tourism and development goals.
Agendas addressed
DecarbonisationBiodiversityGreenfield land and natural space
Water resources and air qualityClimate changePublic space
Social inclusion and integrationLocal economies and employment
Pathways followed
  • Ensure equal access to municipal services
  • Involve citizens through participatory implementation
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
  • Promote social innovation supporting inclusion
  • Nurture a sharing economy
  • Capitalise on local economy and production
  • Create and close local value chains
  • Apply innovative financing approaches
  • Implement sustainable procurement principles
  • Pursue a shift towards a circular economy
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
  • Accelerate sustainability and innovation through public procurement
  • Guarantee equal access to information & digital services
  • Support open data standards
  • Prepare policies for socio-cultural changes due to innovation
Trip Organization

Outdoor tourism owns a huge database of information from specific destinations to tour operators  that are scattered and unorganized and finally the most important problem the absence of peer to peer connection between outdoor seekers to share their outdoor experiences and environmental actions.

Rural tourism is closely aligned with the concept of sustainable tourism, given that it is inherently linked to green spaces and commonly environmentally friendly forms of tourism. But Nowadays Tourism contributes to more than 5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, with transportation accounting for 90 percent of this.

  • By 2030, a 25% increase in CO2-emissions from tourism compared to 2016 is expected. From 1,597 million tons to 1,998 million tons.
  • The last decade was the hottest in history and climate change is impacting all countries, but awareness is very weak.
In Action
Natural Reserve expansion

 TripnTap took the initiative to help the problem one step at a time, by promoting eco-tourism and encouraging not only people, but businesses to lean towards the eco side.
TripnTap distinguishes itself from other businesses, since one of our main purposes is to reduce climate change and help to save the environment. By promoting eco-tourism and allowing people to spend more time in nature rather than commercial locations, it reduces the usage of oil, gas, and other chemicals that are the main source of the problem, which is used for transportation, electricity and many more. Once those actions decreases, the number will decrease; humans are responsible for 44% of oil consumption. Once those actions are reduces, the numbers will too.
In addition, TripnTap is helping eco-projects by promoting natural reserves and businesses that take initiatives in nature, helping solve multiple issues including deforestation.  If each person plants at least 160 trees, it will reduce the decades worth of CO2 emission.

ith tripntap, we aspire to build a community of restoration and regeneration. We, as young entrepreneurs have a mission before 2030 to preserve our biodiversity before it is too late.

 We envision a better world through climate education, followed by #youthAction.
By going on eco-trips, clients will have the opportunity to learn more deeply about the reasons why nature is precious and it should be conserved.
We planted more than 2000 trees with JEIJ Municipality in Lebanon and we are looking to assist and support more natural reserves in the region.
We organized on our platform 3 beach cleanups in Kesserwan Mount Lebanon
We collaborated with the Green Party in the country to have connection with all entities and reach high audience
Tripntap offers the ability to gather people (friends, family strangers, etc) around the outdoor, which is scientifically proven to benefit the physical and mental health of the individual.
Above health, Tripntap unites people around the culture of each country, since most outdoor activities lay in rural regions which are still true to their tradition.
To sum up, Tripntap contributes to the individual's health, to the economy, to the culture, and to the well-being of everyone.

TripnTap Logo

we are proud to currently have on board 75 Trip organizers and 10 Foreign Tour operators. We have tested our market by co-organising 60 trips offline serving 500 happy customers, thus validating our model before perfecting our website the way we wish by the end of this month.  We also did 2 beach clean ups and managed reforestation projects in rural areas in Lebanon and we collaborated with big green businesses in the middle east like phoenix and eco serve and finally collaboration with the municipalities that can help us to create more and more actions and activities in rural areas.

- We have been accelerated by Medstarts and Medgaims related to the EU : 20,000 Euros, and also raised an extra 20,000$ with other competitions in the Mena Region.

We have already won several awards and competitions ; Lebanon will be only used as a testing platform for one month to make sure the platform is working seamlessly, to then expand as soon as possible to the MENA region starting with the UAE. 

We partnered with one of the biggest green companies in the Mena: Phoenix waste management and they will also help us to achieve more green action and sustainable events.

We also collaborated with the municipality of Jeij,Jounieh,Ghineh,Aramoun,Jezzin and others to reach rural areas where we can organize our activities.


Our goal is to encourage people to be more part of nature, which automatically help us reduce the carbon emission through creating numerous trips within the environment ( No electricity, Less Traffic, Car usage will decrease as well). In this way, we are moving from the normal tourism ( Restaurants, Hotels..) to eco-tourism, while paying attention to the carbon footprint. Tripntap is helping eco-projects by promoting natural reserves and businesses that are directly related to the environment. In addition, we are helping to increase traffic towards those businesses and increasing their income by connecting them with local and foreign tourists; this will allow them to invest in their touristic and natural sites. From the income that they’ll receive, the sites will invest in multiple initiatives, such as plantation, irrigation, protecting the forest and doing study analysis.

TripnTap partnered with AREZ JAJ natural reserve and helped them bring more tourists to fund reforestation

Unlike traditional tourism agencies ( Expedia,, Nakhal or any other tourism platform or travel agency)  where they promote their products using airplanes, boats, cars or trains which led to high pollution and public transportation is one of the main criteria for GHG emission, yet Tripntap is promoting Eco- tourism. TripnTap provides the opportunity to users to spend the day in an environmental area instead of going to a restaurant, for example: TripnTap play a role to decrease the food consumption that generate waste and  create gas emission. TripnTap is changing the purpose of tourism and letting tourists to start supporting green businesses and helping the growth of rural regions.

In conclusion, TripnTap’s purpose isn’t to promote all kind of businesses, especially the ones that increase carbon emission; instead, we are only promoting green and Eco-businesses that aim for environmental sustainability


Challenges and lessons learned

Also through youth education, our main objective is to gather as many people as possible to plant more trees, help corals grow again (producing 90% of our oxygen), cleaning beaches and oceans, and raising awarness through disturbing killer facts retrieved from UN entities Ngos and organisations that we follow closely.

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