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RUTA SIETE ULPGC is a social innovation program. Its main event is an annual.

Transforming Journey in which 45 university students travel around the Canary Islands for 35 days, living experience of change, training, and volunteering while collaborating locally on performing actions of environmental, social, and cultural nature.

 This program connects young talent with the world's problems from proactivity and personal responsibility through local volunteer action and a global reflection from the experiences. It trains participants in real professional skills, sustainability, and self-development. Consequently, it improves their employability and ability to influence the environment, strengthening Positive Footprint ecosystems.

Agendas addressed
Climate changeSocial inclusion and integrationLocal economies and employment
Pathways followed
  • Involve citizens through participatory implementation
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
  • Promote social innovation supporting inclusion
Ruta Siete ULPCG / Beach Cleaning

Today's youth rise naturally to participate in the world, music, social media, and the causes of concern. But when they find themselves in a situation of youth disenchantment, unemployment and often they are somehow disconnected from a part of the reality.

this situation creates attitudes of demotivation and impotence that end in the complaint as the only tool for interaction.

RUTA SIETE ULPGC has a direct impact on that stage of youth, on that GAP. That is among all that is lacking in the society in which we live. Fortunately, some young people walk this route by themselves, but many are stuck in the process. Through this program, personal responsibility and proactivity are the primary tools to go from being a spectator of reality to an active agent.

On the “other shore,” there are more initiatives, projects, and programs to accompany people towards professional development, social entrepreneurship, and human progress.

In Action
Ruta Siete ULPCG / Collaboration in Local  Cheese Farm Fuerteventura

RUTA SIETE ULPGC is defined by seven concepts that represent the values and actions carried out by the program: nature, volunteering, community, encounter, creativity, initiative, and adventure. Of the multiple activities carried out, we can highlight: 

POSITIVE ACTION (VOLUNTEERING), an average of 25 activities of this type are carried out during the trip.


●       Reforestation and irrigation

●       Environmental recoveries

●       Coast and beach cleaning

●       Eradication of invasive species



●       Youth revitalization

●       Supports in senior centers

●       Adapted Physical Activity

●       Groups at risk of social exclusion



●       Recovery of traditions

●       Beautification of the municipality

●       Artistic meetings

●       Heritage dissemination


HIGH-PERFORMANCE LEARNING, people training is the central axis of work and gives meaning to the rest of the value chain generated in RUTA. It includes three learning areas: Social Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, and Professional Competences. 

The training focuses on working on soft skills, innovation and social entrepreneurship, personal growth, and sustainable development, through the following training actions:


●       Independent changing workgroups

●       Individual and community challenges

●       Creative Workshops

●       Tasks distributed (Responsibilities)

●       Solutions Committee


●       Reflection and Technical pills

●       Master class

●       Case studies



●       Open mic projects/ideas

●       Group dynamics

●       Learning circles

●       Talent show

RUTA SIETE ULPGC is an independent initiative to which the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and the Fundación Universitaria de Las Palmas give institutional coverage.


Technical Coordination: coordinates the trip; they are volunteers participants of other editions with a professional profile + the technical management team.

Collaborators: [1] they could be part of the technical coordination or impact visits by authorities, professionals, partners, project managers …

Municipalities and Entities: the program collaborates with municipalities, associations, institutions, and entities of all the islands, relying on a system of barter and exchange while knowing the peculiarities of each place and its people.

Motor Group: currently, the program managed by Soy Mamut, which manages diverse projects and programs nature and has independence, technical and organizational solvency.

Ruta Siete ULPCG / Visist to a senior center

RUTA SIETE ULPGC is a transformative journey whose axis is people. The training process that the group of young people participating in the program undergoes is a transformative experience in the different aspects of his personal and professional life. It includes three learning areas: Social Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Sustainable Development, and Professional Competences.

 Professional Competences

●       Acquire, process and develop information

●       Facilitation of groups

●       Teamwork

●       Time management (planning, organization, and prioritization)

●       Negotiation.

●       Stress management

●       Delegation

●       Personal and public interaction.

Social Entrepreneurship

●       Collective intelligence

●       Proactive attitude

●       Idea and Elevator Pitch

●       Participation Tools

●       Design Thinking

●       Problem solving and resilience

●       Community awareness


 Personal Development

●       Emotional intelligence

●       Decision making

●       Live from responsibility

●       Creative thinking

●       Self-confidence

●       Control of tensions and worries

●       Enthusiasm and Motivation

●       Self-knowledge 

Sustainable Development

●       SDG - 2030 Agenda

●       Biodiversity

●       Sustainable consumption and production

●       Sustainable Solutions at the local level

●       Individual civil liability

●       Climate change

●       Eco Thinking

●       Responsible finance / Conscious money

●       Resource management

Despite the few resources invested in promotion, communication, presentation of awards, and, ... RUTA has been recognized among others for:

●       "Positive Impact Program Award" in the areas of sustainability, water, and renewable energy by Ashoka.

●       Finalists for the "Telefónica National Volunteer Award" by Fundación Telefónica.

●       Juan Ferrer (consultant / writer) dedicates a chapter of his book Gestión Del Cambio to RUTA.

●       The Fundación Telefónica as good practice in the book "Portrait of volunteers in Spain."

9 Edicions,  405 participants, more than  200 Positive Footprint Actions


RUTA SIETE connects the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations that identify the current needs of the world with young talent. From proactivity and responsibility personal (not from the complaint) through local volunteer action and reflection global from experiences.

As part of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), this training program helps participants attend better to reality (social, labor, and environmental). Increasing their employability and capacity to add value and constructively influence the environment.  And it also strengthens the Positive footprint ecosystems.

RUTA SIETE ULPGC has also created a favorable footprint ecosystem composed of responsible entities (companies, NGOs, foundations, associations, cultural projects) in the Canary Islands, RUTA SIETE ULPGC is recognized as a validated node in the ecosystem. RUTA SIETE ULPGC is a heart that pumps people to this network, volunteers, responsible workers, and with professional skills, project promoters. Participants RUTA SIETE ULPGC at the end of the trip strengthen this network, participating, supporting projects, creating them, or connecting nodes. Eight years later, there are participants spread out and doing very different things. Those participants that live outside of the Canary Islands are links to networks and ecosystems from other places. All of that creates a local and global chance of making a difference.

 At the same time, participants through volunteering generate an impact positive for the 7 Canary Islands. Creating content and repercussions in each of the places through which it passes, face-to-face, and digital. 

+ 10 nationalities (participants)

+ 30 countries (Registered)

9 Editions

+ 200 Positive Footprint Actions

+ 5500 followers on Instagram

+ 75,000 followers on facebook

+ 1,500,000 video views

+ than 130 TV appearances

+ 350 press appearances


Challenges and lessons learned
Ruta Siete ULPCG / Group dinamic El Hierro

The relationship between young people and the environment is stronger than ever. There are essential movements in which the diagnosis is precise, but we have to give them tools to take positive action. RUTA is a lever for youth action, where they can project, act, and get moving to solve...


We have been working for more than nine years carrying out this program with young people, not for young people. This alliance leaves us with room for maneuver to do essential things. So anything that is implemented has social validation, legitimacy, and all the potential to grow and multiply.



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