Revitalization of Lithuanian Square
City/Region : City of Lublin , Poland

Revitalization of Lithuanian Square was accomplished in June 2017. Within modernising works, the Square public space, an area of approx. 35 000 m2, has been tided up, becoming one of the most representative parts of the city. Many small architecture devices have been installed here, residents have gained over 160 seats, and children two modern playgrounds. Lithuanian Square is very popular all year round. The old fountain has been replaced with a modern and interactive complex of water installations, which make it possible to offer impressive shows with laser and music. The performances are very popular among residents and tourists.

Agendas addressed
Public space
Pathways followed
  • Encourage local private and civic engagement
  • Promote social innovation supporting inclusion
  • Apply innovative financing approaches
  • Implement sustainable procurement principles
  • Wisely select and apply smart technologies
Lithuanian Square - after modernisation

Lithuanian Square is a central place in Lublin, where official ceremonies, happenings, and important events take place. In 2013, the concept of square redevelopment was adopted under the competitive dialogue procedure. The tender committee comprised of city planners, urbanists, and Chief Officer of Municipal Historic Preservation Office. In 2016, the square reconstruction began. During the works, the foundations of an orthodox church were secured and the remains of old roads and buildings were discovered. The Square spatial layout has been generally preserved. The historic route towards Wieniawa has been reconstructed. Main changes concerned the surface, green areas, fountains, monuments, and the illumination of surrounding buildings. Installed new fountain, in the form of complex water facilities, with a 5-meter dike and a state-of-the-art control system with five functions (water, light, sound, lasers and images to be displayed on building elevations). Krakowskie Przedmieście street has been turned into traffic-free zone.

In Action
Lithuanian Square - after modernisation

The reconstruction of Lithuanian Square took one year and two months. The total cost of the project is PLN 66 million, the value of EU funding is PLN 42 million, and the state budget subsidy was nearly PLN 6 million. The cost of multimedia fountain is 15 million. The square is included in the register of historic monuments. "The reconstruction of the Lithuanian Square is one of our most important investments, because it shows the heart of the city in the standard that meets our expectations, also in terms of respect for history and connection with the Historic Monument, which is the Old Town." - Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin. In the square, the surface was replaced and a wooden terrace was laid, which now serves as a stage for various concerts and exhibitions. Playgrounds were erected and outdoor chess tables installed. Smaller and modern fountains were installed - a complex of water devices with the possibility of illuminating water and presenting laser shows on a water screen. „The square is friendly for all, be it students, elderly people, and families with children who can have fun on two playgrounds.” - Krzysztof Żuk. At the point where Lithuanian Square meets the promenade, traces of old buildings, discovered by archaeologists, have been exposed under special glass panel. „The city space must be changed not only because of the increasing number of tourists, but also because of the expectations of our inhabitants.” - mayor Krzysztof Żuk. 

 „I strongly believe that Lithuanian Square will serve the next generations of Lublin residents, and that every inhabitant will be able to find here what he considers to be the closest to his feelings and needs. I also hope that Lithuanian Square, in addition to its primary purpose, will become an inspiration for all grassroots initiatives, so that Lubliners could pursue their passions and interests here.  Therefore, the devotion of local community and its willingness to participate in activities on the Square is essential for gaining the ultimate goal of the reconstruction” - Marcin Nowak, city councillor, Chairman of the Culture and Monument Protection Committee of the City of Lublin.

 „We want to carry out the works in a least inconvenient way.  I may assure you that we shall be open to suggestions and comments to fully understand the needs of Lubliners.”- Radosław Górski, construction CEO at Budimex - contractor for the square revitalization.

Lithuanian Square - during the modernization

Lithuanian Square in Lublin was claimed the best investment in the contest for "Top Investments of Eastern Poland 2017", a ranking organized by "Portal Samorządowy"[1]. With 10.5 thousand votes cast by Internet users, Lithuanian Square outclassed the competition. The aim of the poll was to award the investment which contributed most to the development of economy, the region, and the inhabitants of Eastern Poland in 2018. “The most important success for us is the number of people spending their free time on Lithuanian Square. But the appreciation of the investment by Internet users is also important. Lithuanian Square is an excellent investment, integrated into the needs of the residents. I believe it is brilliantly designed. - said Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin.

Lithuanian Square was granted 2nd award in the Revitalized Public Space category in the contest for the best developed public space in Poland. The contest is organized by the Society of Polish Town Planners, in cooperation with the Association of Polish Cities. The aim of the contest is to promote the best urban and architectural projects maintained at the highest level, thus shaping the modern image of the country.

[1]     Portal Samorządowy- web page doveted to the self-government issues.


Lithuanian Square is one of the most significant public spaces in Lublin, with its grand scale, central location, representative character, and rich history. However, numerous changes and transformations that overlapped in the past led to the loss of the square clarity and uniformity, which in turn negatively affected its character as the centre of social life and a reference point in Lublin landscape. Thanks to the modernization, the square has resumed its key role, becoming a strategic utility area of the city.

Public spaces in contemporary cities should be an inseparable component which co-creates urban natural environment. The carried out modernization is based on the principle of sustainable and human-friendly development, on the relationship between what is "urban" (culture) and "landscape" (nature), thus achieving an ideal environment for users.

Lithuanian Square is a place of great European importance. Thanks to its past, Lublin is known for its integration ideas, and Lithuanian Square together with its Union of Lublin Monument, commemorating the Polish-Lithuanian Union of 1569, is a symbolic place of  supra-local, European dimension.

Lithuanian Square is perceived as one large space, composed of many different subspaces. It works as a multi-focal urban landscape, integrating various "urban energies": those of monuments, architecture, entertainment, rest, or contemplation. With their mixed scale and configuration, the sub-spaces give the square a theatrical character, serving as a specific background for various events.  The sub-squares constitute one common space – Lithuanian Square - of supra-local dimension.

Challenges and lessons learned
Lithuanian Square - during the modernization

The investment was a direct response to the expectations of public regarding the appearance and functionality of the area, which is located in a strategic, for the city development, place.  The revitalization of this key architectural and historical area has led to the creation of a new, open space that is used for social, cultural, and economic activities.



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